Grooming & Styling Policies

We advisedly to book early to avoid disappointment, and ensure you to bring along your pet’s vaccination book and please remember we only welcome your pooches with 3 times fully vaccine, these important for your pooches and other dogs.

  • We required up to date DHLLP ( Distemper, Parvo), Kennel cough (Bordetella), Corona Virus and Rabies vaccinations. Please bring the medical vaccination records)
  • Owners MUST inform us when making the grooming appointment if your pet(s) has/have a flea or tick problem, to the best of our knowledge.\
  • If this information is not presented to us at the time that the appointment was made, and we found there’s tick or flea more than 5, we reserved the right to refuse/schedule grooming services before the grooming process.
  • If we found there’s a tick or fleas during the grooming process we will take action to give pets frontline for prevention with customers approval.
We are unable to completely guarantee that the pet(s) will be flea or tick free after the grooming. There are other factors affecting the flea or tick condition of the pet(s) such as the home environment that are beyond our control. Proper treatment of the home environment to rid of flea or tick eggs and larvae must be set in place to ensure the pet(s) is flea and tick free

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