Vodka & Latte is a Japanese standard dog grooming and dog center facilities. The 2000 m2 facility is situated in Kemang, Jakarta. Vodka & Latte was established in Jakarta by three partners Giri Sumantri, Laurens Yahya and Susan Santoso in 2014.

The grooming salon features cutting edge technologies, which includes:

  • 7 dryers suspended from ceiling with temperature control and fan control
  • 1 standing dryer
  • 1 box dryer to accommodate drying large dogs
  • 7 grooming table
  • 1 separate washing area for large dogs; and
  • 1 separate area to accommodate dogs with mild flea problem to be isolated from other healthy dogs.

The total capacity can handle up to 30 dogs a day for a combine of washing and styling. All grooming products including shampoo and cleaning products, clippers and scissors are using organic pet friendly product with scissors and table sterilized before each new grooming session.

The other facilities includes dog hotel with 40 cages; 10 for large dogs that can also be shared by 2 small dogs from the same owner and 30 small ones.

The total capacity for hotel per day is 50 dogs a day assuming there are more than 1 small dog sharing one large cage.

The dog cafe is currently ran by Oh Lala and serving cold and hot beverages as well as main course and snacks to be enjoyed by visitors. Vodka&latte also offers freshly cooked meal for dogs with some menu that includes sausage and mash potato, macaroni and cheese and Hamburg steak.

Dogs and their owners can also swim in the big swimming pool whereas there is also a small jacuzzi for small dogs for their first water experience. There are also life vests provided for the dogs and the staff are standing by inside the pool to assist the dogs.

Dogs are also welcome to enjoy the facilities at the dog park and dog day care.

Last, vodka& latte dog store offers various snacks, dog products, toys, accessories and clothing for dogs.

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