Vodka & Latte Salon is a Japanese style dog wellness and grooming center, located in the heart of South Jakarta in the posh Kemang area. The owner decided to name Vodka & Latte in dedication of their love to their beloved dogs, Vodka; a very gorgeous West Highland white terrier, commonly known as the westie or westy and Latte; a cute and adorable Poodle.

Sprawled over 2000m2 of land, the whole area is dedicated to provide the ultimate retreat and pampering services for your dogs. Vodka & Latte services include Salon for Grooming and Styling with Japanese cutting edge technologies & grooming technique, Daycare, Boarding Hotel, Retail Shop with selected Japanese imported products, Dog Park, Dog Swimming Pool for healthy fun exercise and rehabilitation, and also Café both for dogs and owner.


Drop off any time during the day. While you’re away or your house doing general cleaning, your dog will be cared for in a safe, respectful, loving environment. He will play and make friends. Our staff is well trained and has the experience to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

We are open to welcome your pooches at 9am to 20.00pm everyday.

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