Wash and Trimming

(60-120 Minutes)

  • Shampoo (2 times), Conditioner (1 time)
  • 15 Minutes body massage
  • Nail Cutting
  • Ear & Anal Glands
  • Paw, Tummy & Eye area Trimming


(including Wash and Trimming)

Body, Face, Legs, New cut.

  • Colouring (Not including package A/60 minutes)
  • Tattoo (Not including package A/60 minutes)
    One design at one part


(not including Wash and Trimming)

Please ask our customer service for the latest relaxing aroma


(One Day)

Facilities :
Food, Dog Park, Dog Walker & Brushed Daily

Rules and regulations for sleep overs:

  • Health check up by our staff/groomers, wash and trimming (50% off) OR
  • Styling (30% off before checking in)
  • Free wash on the 7th day of sleep over
  • Food

Dog Park

We converted our backyard to a Dog Park for your dog to be able to woof around freely.

Playground and Dogpool

Playground and Dogpool is available for your dog.

Dog Hotel

Going for a trip but worried about your fur friend? We provide Dog Hotel with excellent service and leave you with no worries.

Colouring and Tattoo

Colouring process takes between 60 minutes or more. Tattoo process takes between 45 minutes per part, one design at one part.
We use only products that are suitable and safe for dogs. It’s organic and gentle to the fur and skin of your dogs.
The coloring are made specially for dogs fur

Cafe Oh La La

In our cafe, you are welcome to bring your lovely fur-friend while enjoying tasty food provided by Oh La La Cafe.

The small intestine is the major organ of digestion and absorption
kindly follow us